"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." ~ Carl Jung

Hey Sweet Soul

You've been calling in your desires for a long time. Alllllll of the personal growth books, Law of Attraction Videos, meditations, rituals and seminars later......crickets. WTH right?! I see you, I see your greatness and I know you've been desperately searching for the missing piece. This is why you found me. With over a decade in the medical field, caring for infants and children in life threatening situations, I was reminded daily of this precious gift we call life. These beautiful vessels we embody and our natural abilities to heal, create and thrive!

True healing begins inside the heart and expands through the mind.

After 10 years in the medical field, I grew a deep understanding of the power of heart healing and exactly what it takes to empower women to feel authentic and whole. I obtained a bachelor's degree in science before embarking on my career which has proved to to be a catalyst to my further studies of the mind - body - spirit from a biochemical perspective. Every piece we need is within us, but we must know how to unlock the pieces to solve the puzzle.

Through my work as an intuitive healer, Reiki Practioner and Medical Professional, I evolved into my role as Conscious Living Coach. I have the ability to connect deeply with my clients all while holding space for their internal transformation to occur.  Imagine what could happen once you finally heal from your past? I will take you there

28 Days to #BreakTheCycles that bind you.

You know you did not come here to settle in this lifetime, you don’t fit in the box. You know you have been choosing suffering and I see you making a new choice. You are Worthy.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and imagine for a moment, stepping into this powerful existence that awaits you. An existence where everyday feels like a gift, an existence where money flows with ease and abundance. You move through your days with confidence as you unapologetically step into your greatness.

The Sacred Self Co

Tapping into your infinite power with tools, meditations, wisdom & sacred practices.

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“ I have been working with Sara for a couple months and she has been instrumental in my recovery. With her guidance, I’ve been able to break cycles I’ve been in for years. She has guided and supported me through some of the most toughest times in my life: addiction, negative patterns in my relationships, and finding self love again. She has so much knowledge around how our emotional addictions keep us in cycles of self sabotage and she gives you all the tools you need to find a new way to live. She is the epitome of leading by example. She has completely transformed her life and can help you transform yours as well. If all of this isn’t amazing enough, her meditations are next level. Her soft, soothing voice and powerful energy brings you to a place of healing and connection. They are truly the best meditations out there, I’d say even better than Deepak Chopra and Gabby Bernstein. Not only has Sara become one of my top go to Guru’s for self sabotage and empowerment, but she has become a dear friend and the love I have for her is unmatchable! Sara is the most heart felt, genuine person I have ever met. You will be blessed to have her in your life and as your coach.”


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