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About Me

We have this one beautiful existence. It is my mission and my heart to be a vessel of TRUTH and LOVE to others. To mentor, to grow, to thrive and to teach women to break free from the cycles that bind them, allowing them to step into their DESIRES, their GREATNESS, and continue this passing of wisdom so that other may thrive in this lifetime.
I chose suffering for most of my life.

I chose worry, fear and anxiety above all else. As I was driving home one evening after a 12 hour shift at the children's hospital, my heart feeling heavy and my soul craving more, I uttered the words that forever changed my life, "Why can't my 'job' be to stay aligned, centered and peaceful, and teach other women to do the same"

2 years later, here I am writing the words you are reading at this very moment.

I've experienced a lot of loss in my life. I lost both of my parents before I turned 35, I witnessed the loss of children on a weekly basis due to the line of work I chose, I lost my health and vitality due to Autoimmune Disease, I almost lost my home due to finances and my poor relationship with money, but most importantly in the process of all of this... I lost myself. I became buried so deep under the layer of lies and false beliefs that my only way out was to take my power back! I know what it's like to suffer in my mind, to drown in the chaotic thoughts and live in self sabotage. 

Now I know what it takes to shift to the other side, to live free, to love deep, to always have abundance flowing to me, to thrive in gratitude and pursue my passions with clarity, confidence and success. But the most valuable gift I discovered was one sitting on my vision board, a piece of paper that read, "Peace of Mind".