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 Love Your Money Shadow :

22 Days to Unleash Your Abundance.

I Hated Money.

In my early 20's I lost my father to suicide. After years of battling the chaos in his own mind, he eventually lost. My father left this Earth and we received a bundle of money. This was the catalyst to my destructive relationship with money that would continue for years to come.

~ I went from trading hours for dollars in corporate America to running a successful International Coaching Business

~ From over $120K in debt to debt free in 1 year

~ I retired my husband from his life draining JOB

~ I went from a toxic relationship with money to one that embodies trust, wealth consciousness, love and confidence

The money wounds run deep because it's never truly

about the money.

You hold the key to unleash your abundance.

You've been calling in this desire for quite some time. There's a need to heal the money relationship and allow our worthiness to shine!


Take a deep breath and imagine for a moment, stepping into this powerful existence that awaits you. An existence where everyday feels like a gift, an existence where money flows with ease and abundance. You move through your days with confidence as you unapologetically step into your greatness. You know have a deep sense and knowing of who you are at your core and you are unshakeable in your truth. Your relationships are loving and balanced with an intimacy and passion that you’ve never known. The clarity and peace of mind are now present. Every bit of joy and happiness exudes from you and every desire you hold now flows with ease into your life. You’ve stopped yourself from going here before, but not this time, love. You are ready, and the world awaits your emergence.

What's Included:

- Access to Private Group

-  Exclusive meditations + Ancient Prosperity Techniques
- 1 in depth call
- 6 Modules to Enhance Wealth Consciousness
- Healing & deconstructing patterns on a subconscious level
- The passing down of wisdom to gift you the piece you’ve been searching for
- Understanding and healing money blocks on a Biochemical level
(3 part payment option is available)
*Golden Money Tip ~ Make it Easy for people to pay you!!



“ I met Sara through a divine intervention, and it has profoundly changed my life ever since. Sara has coached me through expanding my meditation practice, as well as how I perceive my own personal strengths and weaknesses. Never have I felt more supported and encouraged to speak my truth in a serenely connected way. With her coaching and meditation courses guiding my individual emotional expansion, I found myself speaking up for my needs at work, remaining in a calm connected space when stress arose, and developing deeper connections to people that truly matter to me in my life. The old habits and emotional suffering that I had been choosing started to melt away, and I could feel my inner voice speaking for me more than my ego or irrational thoughts. It took work, and focus, and Sara was there every step of the way. I could not thank her enough for all that she has done for my life, and I highly recommend her every product and practices she creates.”


—  Natalie N

I see you...

- I never feel like I have enough

- I live paycheck to paycheck

- I have anxiety/resentment when I pay bills

- I often borrow money via loans, credit cards, friends or family and feel Unworthy when I can't pay it back

- I spend money with regret or resentment

- I often argue with my partner over finances

- I fear what my financial future will look like

- I hide from my bank account

- I'm addicted to spending more than I make

Let's Shift!!

Money is not good nor is it evil, it is simply an energetic tool. One that here in this lifetime, if in the hands of the awakened, the light workers, the healers, teachers, change makers, artists and strong leaders, will allow for more positive change in this world.