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Realign for Seasoned Clients x 8 Weeks

Welcome to transformation!! I know you've been trying all of the things and I truly understand the frustration of feeling like something just has to give. 


My guess is that you surrendered, this is such a powerful space to step into. It's in the surrender that the greatest wisdom can come in.


I will align my energy and intention for the most profound transformation. 

Throughout our 1:1 sessions I will create a sacred space for expansion and realignment with your personal TRUTH


- 8 WEEKS -  6 1:1 sessions


~ Integration of Earth Medicine : plant nutrition, listening to Mother Earth, grounding + releasing, honoring her messages

~ Unearthing of Subconscious Beliefs & Patterns

~ Harness Your Body's Ancient Wisdom through integration of Soul Language

~ Complete Deconstruction ~ The Blank Canvas

~ Access to a private community of other badass souls + access to via messenger for ongoing support throughout your 4 or 8 weeks

~ Completion Process : this powerful process takes inner child work to a whole new level and the energetic shifts are immediate

Each session will last approximately 90 minutes + the custom hypnosis will be sent within 7 days following our 2nd session for the 8 week option

This is your time, to surrender to your highest self, to acknowledge that in knowing nothing, you have access to everything...


Upon purchase of this session we will book our first call and I will also give you the option to come into my private group that I reserve for my 1:1 clients.


This private group is a space to explore deeper parts of our mind+body+spirit, it's a space where we can show up full raw and open and be met with unconditional love and support. I teach in this space LIVE once a week and offer an affiliate opportunity.


I'm so excited to dive deep into your beautiful mind and co-create a sacred soul expansion!