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As humans, we only use 3% of our DNA, 97% is wasted, untapped potential to live truly magical lives! The infinite power of our minds and soul bodies are waiting to be harnessed and released! You've come so far, Love. There is more that awaits you...


I used to live in the same toxic patterns for years. I was trying everything from guided meditation, energy work, law of attraction, positive affirmations, sacred rituals... it just wasn't cutting it. My marriage was still suffering, I was anxious, irritable, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, struggling financially, struggling emotionally...

And then I discovered the "missing piece", something that wasn't being talked about and still isn't as far as mainstream society goes. There was a part of me that I wasn't aware of, the part of me that has been running the show!

We have this incredible cellular wisdom (aka the subconscious mind).

This carries the programming we have been receiving since we were in our mothers womb. This carries the memories, the beliefs, the trauma...EVERYTHING!

According to the latest research, it's running our lives 95% of the time.

Once I gained this awareness, I immediately began my research, and then...

The pain crept back in.

Body aches accompanied by deep chest pain. My body was screaming at me and I had to listen.

It was time to release...

It was also time to fully acknowledge that there's nothing to release, nothing to let go of and nothing to gain. THIS was the catalyst to true transformation. 

This has been my ultimate freedom, and I'm here to ride this wave with others.

Damn, once you allow TRUTH over ILLUSION, the magic begins!

What to Expect

I will align my energy and intention for the most profound transformation. 

Throughout our 1:1 sessions I will create a sacred space for expansion and realignment with your personal TRUTH

- 4 WEEKS -  3 1:1 sessions


~ Integration of Earth Medicine : plant nutrition, listening to Mother Earth, grounding + releasing, honoring her messages

~ Unearthing of Subconscious Beliefs & Patterns

~ Harness Your Body's Ancient Wisdom through integration of Soul Language

~ Complete Deconstruction ~ The Blank Canvas

~ Access to a private community of other badass souls + access to via messenger for ongoing support throughout your 4 or 8 weeks

~ Completion Process : this powerful process takes inner child work to a whole new level and the energetic shifts are immediate

Each session will last approximately 90 minutes + the custom hypnosis will be sent within 7 days following our 2nd session for the 8 week option

This is your time, to surrender to your highest self, to acknowledge that in knowing nothing, you have access to everything...


Conscious Living Mentor

I chose suffering for a big part of my life. It presented in the forms of worry, fear and anxiety. After 10 years in the medical field, the loss of both parents and my personal battle with autoimmune disease, I grew a deep understanding of the power of heart centered healing, energy healing & mindfulness.

I am a certified Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive Healer with a Bachelor of Science degree.

I have spent the last few years teaching and mentoring women all over the world in the art of healing, the power of their mind and the strength within their soul.

Breathe Light ~ Breathe Love ~ Breathe Easy


“ I met Sara through a divine intervention, and it has profoundly changed my life ever since. Sara has coached me through expanding my meditation practice, as well as how I perceive my own personal strengths and weaknesses. Never have I felt more supported and encouraged to speak my truth in a serenely connected way. With her coaching and meditation courses guiding my individual emotional expansion, I found myself speaking up for my needs at work, remaining in a calm connected space when stress arose, and developing deeper connections to people that truly matter to me in my life. The old habits and emotional suffering that I had been choosing started to melt away, and I could feel my inner voice speaking for me more than my ego or irrational thoughts. It took work, and focus, and Sara was there every step of the way. I could not thank her enough for all that she has done for my life, and I highly recommend her every product and practices she creates.”


—  Natalie N